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VA -
Strong World Around

Quadrocore Recordings presents the next massive release from one of our headliners - 2trancY 2trancY is a Russian trance duo produced by Quadrocore Recordings co-owner Alexander Golyshev (aka Aimoon) and Alex Matushek The guys had a good success of himself on the European trance scene and have a lot of supports from famous DJs and producers. For his new release on the Magik Muzik imprint First State collaborated with upcoming EDM songstress Relyk aka Kyler England, who's vocals beautifully compliment the emotional sound of 'Take The Fall'. There's an extended version and a radio edit available of this track. VA - Strong World Around (2014) Trance, Melodic, Vocal | Compilation Sound 320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2014 | 03:54:03 | 533 MbTracklist: 01. Kyau & Albert - Relevant Angel (Original Mix) 06:22 02. Alpha Duo Ft. Tiff Lacey - The One (Cold Rush Remix) 07:28 03. Jes, Cold Blue & Dennis Sheperd - Runaway (Tenishia Remix) 06:24 04. Derek Ryan Ft. Gracie Ho - Sun... (more)

Plant Stanol
10 healthy eating tips on how to lower your cholesterol

There are many factors that contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases, like age, genes and lifestyle. But there’s good news. Few changes to your eating habit can help lower your cholesterol naturally, reducing your risk for heart disease. Here are 10 healthy eating tips to help you reduce high cholesterol levels naturally. 1. Stay away from saturated fat when cooking. Instead of using butter, you can use liquid cooking oils or nonstick pans. You roast, boil or steam your food instead of frying to minimize saturated fat consumption. 2. Go for low-fat dairy products. Instead of consuming dairy foods like whole milk, you can go for their nonfat versions. 3. Consume more vegetables and fruits. Eating more greens helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. 4. Drink moderately. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggests no more than 1 drink a day for female, and 1 or 2 drinks a day for male. Moderate drinking can lessen the risk of heart disease, but heavy... (more)

El Centro Week 12,
8th, 2014

Today was the last day that I saw Evelin for the semester. Her teachers did not give her any homework, (we checked), and so we made drawings for each other again! It was a very nice way to end the semester. Overall, I feel as though I helped Evelin, but only as much as she would let me. Her effort combined with mine would be what determined how much she benefited from El Centro. She already is a very independent individual, and I can see her succeeding in America’s society.

Tanto de mi
Que hacer
Un dia de estos me volvere loca, con tanto no se a donde voy a parar, hay dias como hoy que esto realmente tentada a decirte que seas mi amante de verdad, un amante de todos los dias, no de repentinas borracheras y es que me siento tan sola, tan abandonada. Hace un año me senti tan tristes de estar lejos de mis amigos, pero era llevadero ya que tu estabas conmigo, ahora siento que ni tiene caso estar aqui. Lo extraño de sobremanera, creo que tambien me afecta el echo de trabajar sola, me estoy volviendo tan ermitana. Siento que no tengo cerca gente que me entienda, escuche y apoye incondisionalmente, se que tengo cerca gente que me ama y se preocupa por mi, pero no se no es lo mismo el amor de una amistad (sin compromoso alguno de por medio y desinteresado) y el amor de un familiar ( compromosio de sangre y de vida). Se que soy tan afortuda de tener una gran familia y mas aun por tener amigos que los quiero como una familia, ellos igual que a mi. Pero de verdad no se que hacer por... (more)

Ego Suicide
Part 13
Five days till Christmas. It's an important time of the year for me, I take Christmas/Christmas spirit very seriously. I know there is a tendency for people to be bitter about Christmas. The main anti Christmas arguments you hear are how Christmas is a corporate event made up to sell coca-cola products or that Christmas is the one time of the year shitty people can feel good about themselves. I understand where those arguments are coming from and I tend to agree with the sentiment. Never the less, Christmas for me has always been a time to reflect and make a conscious effort to be the person I try to be throughout the rest of the year. Everyone can get into the "world is a shitty place" groove, it's not difficult or new or unique but there is this hipster/trendy appeal to shit on Christmas and Christmas spirit. Of course the world is a shitty place but it's a side of the coin thats meant to complement the other and not take the place of it. There is a black and white dynamic to the... (more)

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